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September 16, 2014 - Kylie Jenner leaving Andy LeCompte Salon in West Hollywood.

best outfit yet

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Dennis Wojtkiewicz

Dennis Wojtkiewicz is best known for his exploration of the “sensitive nature of time” in his large-scale oil paintings of fruits and flowers. Wojtkiewicz focuses on light and texture in his amazingly detailed paintings of citrus fruits and multi-petaled flowers.

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There’s something about loving you that I don’t even understand.
I don’t understand how someone can look at me and my breathe be taken away. You don’t even touch me and it’s like i’m begging for air.
I don’t understand how you mean so much to me, that you’re the base of my thoughts. Before everything I do I think of you.
I don’t understand how your mood is the key to my mood. You could be crying because its raining and I can sit here and feel my heart melt. You could be happy because of something that I don’t even know about and my face will light up like a christmas tree.
I don’t understand how if you left, you’d take not only my heart, but you’d take my life with you.
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(by Thyme Tomas)